This is me. Gettin’ real.

  1. Early morning is my time to shine. Give me 4am, laptop, pencil, paper. On fire.
  1. I need to be asleep by 11pm to have any hope of seeing 4am.
  1. If I don’t sleep by 11pm, I’ll sail into my second wind of the day. Makes getting any sleep challenging.
  1. Honesty is the best policy but sometimes you lose friends because of it. Bec, Viv, Cal…I hope you’re doing ok. The list is long.
  1. Honesty is the best policy but sometimes it rewards you in very f*cked up ways.

These ones took longer to learn.

  1. I incorrectly labelled myself as scientifically incompetent for 20 odd years. Enrolled in science degree to prove myself wrong. Going well.
  1. Holy sh*t. It’s 1128pm. Sleep! Work harder on number two.
  1. I need to meditate. Everyday. Sometimes it looks very similar to sleeping.
  1. Piling all your hair on top of your head doesn’t make you taller. It gives you a headache. Now at peace with stumpiness.
  1. I’ve tried to go vego four times. Four epic failures. Accept you have crazy low iron levels. Now eat consciously obtained meat instead.

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