The Science and Art of Breathing

Our first act of life is to inhale and our last to exhale.

The Science and Art of Breathing

As we travel through life, between the first and the last breath, stress, illness, relationships and mental and emotional health often get in the way of maintaining a deep and relaxing breathing pattern. It becomes disjointed and distracted and we lose sight of the power that comes with conscious and controlled breathing.

Understand and learn how to connect with the breath to optimise wellness. During this two hour workshop you will explore:

  • Yogic view of breathing
  • Western view of breathing
  • The anatomy involved in breathing
  • The triggers for poor breathing habits

During this workshop you will experience:

  • Practices to enhance the capacity of the breath
  • Techniques for switching between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems
  • Breathing techniques to manage insomnia, depression and anxiety
  • A toolbox of techniques to use in different situations

The workshop is suitable for those who have some experience with yoga and also those who have never practiced before.

Participants will receive handouts on course content.

Cost: $60 paid in full at the time of booking. (Note: minimum of 6 participants required to run workshop).

When: All dates for 2016 SOLD OUT. Dates for 2017 will be released shortly. If you’d like to pre-register your interest, touch base here.