We’ve been teaching Slow Release Masterclasses for years and never has one not been sold out. Pre-pandemic we taught one every six weeks or so. There are people out there who’ve never missed one. It’s their medicine. It creates a clean slate for another six weeks of life to inevitably build back up again.

We’re well overdue.


How: The class will be delivered online, via a live stream. 60 minutes before the class you’ll be emailed a joining link. You’ll be able to see and hear Paige and choose if you see and hear the other participants.

When we teach this class in the studio, we try to create a familiar vibe. Candles provide most of the light. It’s warm. It’s quiet. We’ll send you more info when you register but suggest you find a room tucked away in your home and create a similar space.

Cost: Usually $45 when delivered in the studio but this live stream version is only $24.

If you’ve never experienced a Slow Release: This two hour masterclass offers a very different experience of yoga. It’s designed around discomfort: staying with it, breathing in it and exploring it mentally. The postures are not difficult but the way they are practiced is.

Suitable for: This class is suitable for everyone as the postures can be modified in many ways. The variation/level of the posture is not the important element, transforming your relationship with discomfort is.

If you have existing studio credit you would like to use for the Slow Release or have questions please get in touch.