As with everything we offer, we believe in quality, tailored experiences. This means we don’t take a million people on retreat. We weave together concepts and practices that answer the questions people have been asking.

We don’t really specialise in those smoothie drinking, massage giving, escape from reality retreats (although there is an amazing day spa onsite). What we do is the sometimes uncomfortable work that makes a difference in how you live life post retreat. Our retreats are planned around how you leave. What you feel, what you learn, how you change.


The focus of Friday is movement. Isolating muscle groups for understanding, alignment and strength and then working the whole collectively, all the parts and layers moving together. The day is designed around your understanding, alignment and strength then coming across in your movements, both on and off a yoga mat.

Here’s an example. One session is designed around walking.  Breaking down the muscle groups, the alignment and the necessary strength pockets and understanding by doing, that the concepts of walking show up in no less than 10 different postures. Your understanding, alignment and strength then shows up in these 10 postures along with how you walk.

Building strength is part of a rehab program so your injuries and conditions will be right at home here. Learn how to create webs of strength to wrap and hold the body. The principles will be woven into practice so you learn by feeling and doing.

Saturday is Yin day, the complete opposite of Friday.  Yin movements are slow and deliberate. You stay in the postures for longer, marinating in the sensations.

For those that attended on Friday, your awakened and nicely sore muscles will be tested to the point of discomfort in order to reach a new length and range. The principles of flexibility; dealing with discomfort, finding the edge, waiting and softening, remaining aware and mindful, will be uncovered.

Together Friday and Saturday give both ends of the spectrum, strength and flexibility. Both are required in equal proportion.

Have you ever asked any of the following questions?

Where should I feel it? 

How long should I stay? 
How deep should the sensation be?
How do I know when to leave? 

If you don’t feel the answers are located internally, then Sunday and Monday will open up the process for a profound shift toward independence. This approach makes you feel as though you collaborate with teachers, trainers, doctors, clinicians, counsellors, psychologists rather than waiting to be told what to do. Rather than handing your power over, you hold it, gather information from internal and external sources and make decisions from there.

This approach has a framework, it has science. It’s the opposite of airy-fairy. Once learnt, it feels as though having any experience dictated by an external source would be absurd, on or off a yoga mat.

PS Go back up and read the questions again. Notice they aren’t confined to a yoga mat. We ask these questions about relationships, jobs, parenting, healthcare. What we do on Sunday and Monday is learnt on a yoga mat but is designed to create a shift everywhere.

Day option 1: Friday or Saturday

$190 Early bird $170

Day option 2: Friday and Saturday

$360 Early bird $320

Day option 3: Four days (Friday - Monday)

$640 Early bird $600

Stay option 4: Four days and three nights (single)

$1299 Early bird $1099

Stay option 5: Four days and three nights (twin share)

$990 Early bird $890

It starts with the journey. The journey up the mountain is long enough to feel remote but short enough to be energising. Travel 40 minutes from the Redcliffe Peninsula and 45 minutes from the Brisbane CBD and you will arrive at a completely unexpected destination.

Accommodation rooms have queen beds, ensuite bathrooms, coffee/tea making facilities and either mountain or city views. All guests have access to the pool and tennis courts. Stephanie’s Day Spa is onsite and treatments can be booked separately.

Mercure Clear Mountain Lodge Spa & Vineyard
564 Clear Mountain Rd, Clear Mountain

Day options: Include a full day of yoga practice and tuition from 10am to 5pm on the selected day/s. A fully catered lunch is also included on each day/s.

Stay options: Include a full day of yoga practice and tuition from 10am to 5pm on all four days which includes lunch on each day. Three nights accommodation in either a single or twin share room and full buffet breakfast Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning.

Not included: The nature of these retreats means some will want to eat dinner earlier, later or not at all, with people or alone. For this reason dinner is not included in the stay options. There is a choice of two restaurants along with room service options.

Deposit: To secure your spot a 30% deposit is required at the time of booking.

EB: To take advantage of the early bird rate, full payment must be received by 1st August 2020.

All early bird registrations go into a draw to win a private session with Paige. This session can either be redeemed during the retreat or following at the studio.

Cancellation policy: Payments made are non-refundable. If something comes up and you are unable to attend, you are able to transfer your booking into another name. If there is someone able to attend on the waitlist Yoga Emporium will organise the name transfer. An administration fee of $50 will be incurred. If there is no-one on the waitlist able to attend, it is your responsibility to source a friend/family member otherwise your payment will be forfeited.

Deposits must be 30% of the total cost of your selected retreat option. Use your surname as payment reference. Note the full balance must be received by 1st August 2020 to take advantage of the early bird rate.

Day option 1: Friday or Saturday $190 | $170
Day option 2: Friday and Saturday $360 | $320
Day option 3: All four days $640 | $600
Stay option 4: Four days and 3 nights (single) $1299 | $1099
Stay option 5: Four days and 3 nights (twin) $990 | $890

Account Name: Yoga Emporium
BSB: 633 000
AC: 161 771 589



All early bird registrations go into a draw to win a private yoga session with Paige. This can either be redeemed during the yoga retreat or following in the studio.