New Students

We don’t offer specific beginner or advanced classes. We only teach small classes so we can cater for a range of ability levels, injuries and conditions in each class. There are though, some classes that lean a little more towards to needs of beginners. Classes that are a little slower and a little less hot for you to get a feel for yoga and how we teach here. Flow is unheated and Yin is warm and slow.

If you have injuries that restrict your ability then Restore is a good place to start. Restore is equally effective for those who find it hard to relax, unwind and sleep. The postures, breathing and meditation techniques learnt in Restore assist nervous system disorders, chronic pain and fatigue.

Ultimately our classes are designed to work together. For students to practice the full range of classes, a hot one this week and a slow, restorative one next week. To continually present the body and mind with different conditions, postures and aspects of yoga. This is evolution.

Here’s a little more info on each of the classes we offer here.  If you’re still not sure, touch base by email or phone.

All studio classes must be booked, there are no drop-in classes. Bookings can be made via the timetable on the website, by logging into your Studio Booking account or via the Studio Booking app.

Classes can be cancelled online via your Studio Booking account (website or app). You can also email or call/text (0420 764 523) the studio directly. Classes must be cancelled by 6pm the night before to avoid being charged the full amount. Being considerate in cancelling will allow the spot to be given to a student on the waitlist and avoid you paying for a class you can’t attend.

All you need to bring is a towel and water bottle. If you would like to bring your own mat, feel free however mats and all props are provided free of charge.

There is a waitlist available for every class. We only allow a small number of people to waitlist so there is a good chance you’ll get a spot. If a spot does become available you’ll receive an email to let you know. If you can still attend the class, you don’t need to do anything – just turn up. If you can’t make the class, you need to cancel online or by text/email to make it available for the next person on the waitlist.

The studio opens 20 minutes prior to the start time. We start right on time for every class and do lock the gate meaning latecomers won’t be admitted. There are a couple of reasons we are really strict with the start time.

  • The initial warm-up sequence is really important, its not particularly safe to launch straight into the middle part of a yoga class.
  • It’s respectful to the other students who have turned up on time, respectful to the teacher and also to yourself that you have the entire hour to practice.
  • You can plan your life after class because we always finish right on time.

Try to avoid a heavy meal two hours prior to your class and drink an extra few glasses of water well in the hours leading up to your class so you arrive well hydrated.