Paige EnrightDirector + Founder

I've been teaching yoga for 14 years.More importantly I've been practicing yoga for 23 years.

I guess I should tell you some other stuff. My name is Paige Enright. I spent years as a communicator in the Navy. I’ve practiced yoga in some strange places, often wearing military issued overalls. I’ve worked as a journalist, a ghost writer and for the Fire Service answering 000 calls. For the past eight years I’ve worked full time as a yoga teacher, Exercise Scientist and now Exercise Physiologist.

I’ve always been a bit different. It helped me reach full capacity within six months of opening the doors to my first yoga studio.

Years ago, as a freshly qualified yoga teacher I applied for a job working in a yoga studio on the northern beaches of Sydney. I was told by the owner my military background precluded me from the job. He said “I wouldn’t be kind enough.”

How interesting that the ethical underpinnings of yoga I’d spent years learning about seemed remiss in the real world of teaching.

I phoned him back. I told him what I thought.

He offered me the job. I told him I wouldn’t work for him if it were the only yoga job going.

A couple of months later, I got a job teaching two classes a week. The nine student capacity suited my inexperience perfectly. Six months later the studio owner, who taught 20 odd classes a week committed suicide.

I’d had two vastly different encounters that shared a striking similarity. They were both devoid of the big picture of yoga. The off-mat application. The underpinnings that create steadiness and help brush away judgement whether directed at the world or oneself.

Life is made of imperfect pieces and this imperfection leaves us with an aftertaste. Also called life, the aftertaste is how we move, breathe, identify and interact. The system of yoga helps us lean into this aftertaste.

As a student yoga is a way of working out how the pieces fit.

The best kind of yoga uncovers the imperfect pieces and creates a space to be intrigued by them. Practice by practice understanding the pieces and how they fit together.

For me the immediate by products of a practice are strength, flexibility, balance, focus, coordination and surrender. The benefits you have to work a little harder for show up off a yoga mat, stamina throughout discomfort, endurance toward personal ethics and joy amidst it all.

As a teacher I believe every interaction shouldn't just be a lovely time together.

It’s an opportunity to give another tool and perspective to deal with life.

I protect students time with a fierceness. Every posture has a purpose, every cue communicates a concept. I approach my job as a yoga teacher in the same way any business person would, research, prepare, be present, be professional, say difficult things if they require saying, deliver a service based upon what the student needs not what I want to teach.

In 2020 I built a second studio. This purpose built space is a mecca for yoga and using targeted exercise prescription to tend to physical and mental health needs.

The experience and qualifications I teach from blend together to produce a uniquely different approach to wellness. It's clinical enough to satisfy your head and intuitive enough to warm your heart.

Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP ESSAM)
Accredited Exercise and Sport Scientist (AES ESSAM)
Senior Level 3 Yoga Teacher (Adv.Dip. Yoga)
B. Communication

Yoga is the only thing I can think of that works as a springboard for everything.It will help you surf better, breathe deeper, be more grateful, embrace simplicity and be more composed. It will help you deliver a TED talk, deliver a baby and deliver bad news. It will chauffeur you gracefully into old age with a deep respect for your body and mind.