Corporate Wellness

Tier 1: Impact sessions

Sharpen your teams edge. Give them knowledge. Give them what's outside the box. Reward them. Bond over more than money and numbers.

These one-off sessions can be delivered anywhere, your place or mine. We’ve delivered sessions in parks in the middle of the city. On beaches. In function rooms, in halls.

Sessions are typically one hour. This is long enough to make an impact but short enough to be easily integrated in a range of settings and formats.

These are some of the topics we’ve delivered to corporate groups:

  • Kick-start “movement and meditation” sessions for conference days
  • The science and art of breathing
  • Creating calm in a high pressure cooker
  • Access the body to access the mind
  • Posture and mindset: an influential relationship

Tier 2: Dive Deep

Extend your team with a series of sessions, a more in-depth course or a workshop. Develop a relationship with wellness.

We typically work with clients for a specified timeframe, 6 or 12 months, sometimes more, sometimes less. During that time we might interact weekly or monthly. The times might line up with your teams downtime, planning days or professional development days.

Here’s some examples of past relationships:

  • A life with yoga: group sessions once per week for 10 weeks
  • Stretching potential for speed, power and endurance: pre-season whole team and individual wellness consultations, weekly group sessions throughout sporting season
  • Awareness: me, you, them: quarterly face to face mindfulness sessions with monthly audio downloads
  • Breathing and emotional sustainability: 12 week program with a mixture of whole team sessions and one-on-one sessions

Tier 3: Bespoke Retreats

Shut down the computers and get out of the office. Travel someplace nice together.

We create escapes. For busy teams. For stressed teams. For teams that have lost their edge. For CEOs that are ready to take their business to the next level and need to reboot their team to make the jump up with them.

Typically delivered as one or two night packages, we take care of your team from the moment you arrive to the moment you head back to work.

Many of our retreats are held at Mercure Clear Mountain Lodge (Brisbane, Qld) but we’ve been known to travel far and wide.

We get to know your team, your boss, your company philosophy. Your weaknesses and strengths. Every single corporate event and retreat we run is tailor made. It makes sense to you.

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