We're going back to the way it used to be done.

An old school mentorship. You’ll acquire the knowledge, refine the skills and apply the potency of yoga to yourself. You’ll understand and address your injuries and traumas, your physical and mental layers.

Then you’ll learn how to apply it to others.

You’ll graduate the program as a Level 1 Yoga Teacher.

You plus two

We can't focus on you when you're in a sea of people.

Face to face

Let's be honest. You just can't learn this stuff any other way.

18 months between the current you and a transformed you

Your commitment

I’m going to be thinking long after our sessions end. About you. About how I can say and show you things differently. I’m never content that it can’t be better.

This means I need buy-in from you. It won’t work if you only show up once a week. You need to dig down with me.

Face to face

Each week we'll meet for a 90 minute on the mat session.

Zoom session

Once a month we'll meet on Zoom for a session to guide your reading and theory work for the coming month.

At home

You'll need to be on the mat most days and set aside 5+ hours of study per week which includes reading, planning and assessments.

What you'll learn

This comes from 23 years of practicing yoga, 13 years teaching yoga and 12 years at uni. It’s everything I wish I’d been taught and everything I’ve spent years learning and applying.

History: Rule makers and game changers

We need to learn back before we can curate the way forward. We'll explore the main influencers; Patanjali, Pattabhi Jois, BKS Iyengar.

Anatomy, Asana and adjusting

We don't just learn the names of muscles and bones. We learn the purpose and the biomechanics of each part and how it brings shape and structure to postures.

Philosophy: Taking it off the mat

The yamas and niyamas are the ethical undercurrent of the practice. The true potency of yoga is when this framework is applied on the mat as well as off.

Yin yoga: The remedy for living hard and fast

Yin yoga is a powerful practice synonymous with working deep not wide. We explore the science and application of yin principles, on and off a yoga mat.

Communication: The full story

How people think and talk about things is very different to how they experience them. Learn how to acknowledge the limitations of this gap while striving to bridge it.

Meditation: Through the layers

The ability to sit quietly in what you've created alludes most of us. Sitting quietly in the asana as well as the life you've created brings challenge alongside contentment. We explore the research, perspectives and different methods to access this quiet.

Subtle systems: Developing internal vision

The unseen elements of yoga, when investigated become a reservoir of personal power. Energy, chakras, nadis, gunas and koshas have the power to dramatically alter your perception of the world and yourself.

Teaching practicum: Self and others

Once you apply the principles and practices of yoga to yourself, bridging the chasm to teaching is instinctive and effortless.

Applications open for 2022

You’ll receive a 350 hour Level 1 Yoga Teacher certification with Yoga Australia upon completion. This will allow you to get professional and public liability insurance and start teaching.

Given this is a more intimate, mentoring relationship, we need to make sure we’re a good fit. If yoga has only featured in your life for five minutes or you’re focused on becoming a teacher as soon as possible, we’re probably not a match.

If however, you have a history with yoga, it currently features in your life, you’re yearning to understand the why and the how and at some point you’d like the option to teach, then we might just be a great match.

The day and time is decided by the group, a mutually convenient weekly slot between Monday and Friday, 5am to 8pm.

Thursdays 430 – 6pm
Commencing 24 February 2022 – INTAKE FULL

We will endeavour to reschedule the session to another mutually convenient time during the week. If that isn’t possible, the session will be recorded for you to catch up on.

Throughout the 18 month mentorship, the intake will have a total of eight weeks marked as non-contact weeks. Exactly which weeks will be mutually decided by the group prior to the commencement.

An example schedule might be the last three weeks of December, the first two weeks of January and a week in each school holiday block marked as non-contact weeks.

I use the word assessments but it’s not really the most accurate description. What you’ll be doing throughout the mentorship is creating the resources you’ll use once you’ve finished. These are the actual tools I use to guide my personal and professional development and craft my teaching. You won’t be doing any “assessments’ just to tick a box.

Everything you’ll need to do is modifiable so if putting pen to paper is a huge grind, we’ll modify so you can do it as an audio or video recording. If you think in pictures, we can do that to. The important thing is the transfer of knowledge from me to you so that when it lands it makes complete sense.

A deposit of $1400 is required to secure your spot. Following that a monthly instalment of $500 is payable for 17 consecutive months. The total investment is $9900 (including GST).

Prior to the commencement of your program you’ll receive a financial and time commitment overview outlining your exact start date, deposit due date, monthly payment dates, non-contact weeks and graduation date.

+ The deposit is required in full to secure your place. The deposit is non-refundable.
+ If for some reason you elect to withdraw from the program part-way, all money paid to that point is non-refundable. If in the future you wish to re-commence, you’ll need to start the program from the beginning.
+ The program has been designed as a mentorship so modifications can be made along the way. If you’re part-way through and something crops up, get in touch as soon as you know. If you’re committed, we’ll work together and make it work.

"When you work with me, you benefit from all the hats I wear.You get everything."

This program has been 12 years in the making

One of the most upsetting “compliments” I receive is some derivative of the following, “I love yoga with you, you keep me safe. I’ve never been injured.”

This tells me the standard of yoga out there is low, if keeping someone safe constitutes great.

I have very different expectations.

Fast forward two years, how you would feel if the following people turned up for your 7pm yoga class; a 45 year old male with a prosthetic leg, a 30 year old female six months pregnant with twins and a 65 year old female with advanced bone cancer?

This was my Thursday night over ten years ago. In amongst those three people were able-bodied, non child-making, cancer free students.

Are we aiming to only keep them safe? Is that what they came to class for?

When you’ve cultivated eyes that see in equal measure our similarities as well as our differences, structuring a class is intuitive. When your intention as a yoga teacher is not just to keep people safe but to have them walk out more connected than when they walked in, structuring classes is energising not overwhelming. When you’re dedicated to putting yoga’s best foot forward and adding to its legacy in every interaction you have, teaching is effortless.

The qualifications I teach from blend together to create a unique offering.

Master Clinical Exercise Physiology (AEP ESSAM)
B. Exercise and Sport Science (AES ESSAM)
Adv. Dip Yoga (Level 3 YA)
B. Communications (Journalism)

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It’s a big commitment but a powerful process.

Our February 2022 intake is full. The next intake will be in July 2022.

We aren't like most places though.We don't take a deposit until we know we're a good fit. Both ways.

You need to be happy with us and we need to understand you.