Life in the corporate world took its toll.

Travel to work swallowed up spare time. Mental exhaustion extinguished motivation. When Trish looked up, she was in her 50’s and her once regular yoga practice had faded to a distant memory. Over the years she dropped in every now and then on a class, in a gym, in a run-down hall, perhaps a little at home but nothing became a committed practice like it had in the early days.

As the years went by Trish developed injuries and discomfort she’d never had before, arthritis crept into her left knee and plantar fasciitis crippled her feet for a time. She didn’t realise she didn’t know how to breathe.

Now in her late 60’s, there is one place that Trish is every Thursday night, without fail. Yoga.

Trish is testament to the power of showing up.

She’d never experienced slow, restorative yoga until she arrived at Yoga Emporium almost two years ago.  She was amazed at the power of yoga nidra, a practice where the physical body is led into deep rest while the mind remains alert.

In the early days the security blanket Trish had wrapped around her knee was obvious. No to pidgeon pose, no to kneeling for an extended period. No, my knee can’t do that. No. No. No. But yoga is accommodating, there are variations for every posture, variations for every injury or ailment you could possibly arrive with.

Then yoga did what yoga does. It worked.

Trish attempted pidgeon pose, a manipulated version to accommodate her knee and the result was empowering. Her knee no longer holds her back, physically or mentally. The security blanket has gone.

Meet Trish