She’s a visual masterpiece of tattoos.

Perhaps they’ve all got a story or maybe it’s just because they look good. Jayde’s story starts with an unlikely job in the corporate world, a job she fell into, in the same company her mum and dad work for. A job with a secure pay check, good prospects but one that doesn’t deliver much in the way of satisfaction. The truth is she’s funny, she’s really bl**dy funny but don’t tell anyone at work.

She came to yoga because she had too. Plus she knew there was a lay-down at the end of class.

With a deep hate of exercise, sweating and a self-declared uncoordinated person, she felt she should do something that ticked the health and wellbeing box. Two years later and hot yoga is part of her routine. She comes now because of the unexpected benefits she gets, “I sleep better and I can deal with the stress of my corporate job. I’ve learnt to clear my mind. Yoga has been an essential part of my personal growth.”

Meet Jayde

Jayde is preparing for her first stand-up comedy gig later in the year. Perhaps a new career trajectory or just some weekend satisfaction. In the same way she loves arriving at yoga not knowing what the class will focus on, what she’ll find challenging and what she’ll learn about herself, she’s happy not to focus on the outcome but really enjoy the getting there.