Her arthritis is spreading.

Cheryl’s neck is the worst, her wrists are following, her knees are unforgiving and her shoulders are painfully restricted. The worst thing though is that she gave it to herself. She has slogged it out in the gym for years, lifting weights too heavy, running too many km’s and doing exercises that left her unable to move for days.

Her specialist has now told her she is reaping the “benefits.” Arthritis.

No pain, no gain.

The catch-cry slogan of the 90’s was rampant in Cheryl’s approach. She aimed to be healthy and her approach was hard, fast, sweaty and painful.  Yoga didn’t fit that approach so it wasn’t until an inability to do anything else given her injuries that Cheryl stepped onto a yoga mat two years ago.

Meet Cheryl

If you saw Cheryl at yoga you wouldn’t pick her for being the injured one.

She flows, she breathes and she’s happy because she sweats. The sweating satisfies her A-type personality. She walks away feeling like she’s done something. Yoga has developed her body awareness so she can move gracefully around her injuries while slowly restoring strength and flexibility to the areas effected by arthritis.

The heat helps the dull, lingering ache that is the hallmark of arthritis. The heat also creates a challenging environment, sometimes it’s hard to stay focussed with sweat dripping, sometimes it’s hard just to maintain deep breathing. More often than not Cheryl brings the baggage of her job to class with her but she never leaves with it.