When he first came he couldn’t lie flat.

He couldn’t lie flat on his back because it felt the way an extreme backbend would feel to you or me. The tightness around his neck and shoulders restricted his head from resting back on the mat. With his head propped up on a block, Andrew came religiously to yoga once a week. No more and no less. At the 6 month mark, the block became redundant. His head was happy on the mat.

A lot had to happen in 6 months for the block to become unnecessary.

A shift in the thoracic spine, erector spinae, trapezius and rhomboids in the back and pectoral muscles, anterior neck muscles and jaw in the front but the most important thing that happened was the showing up week in, week out. Andrew now comes religiously to yoga twice a week. No more and no less. He also brings his teenage daughter with him once a week.

Meet Andrew

“The main thing I take from yoga into everyday life is awareness. I am more aware of my body – my posture, the way I sit, stand and move. I am also more aware of my mind – my thought processes, my self-talk and my emotions.” Imagine being empowered with this as a teenager.