Our landscape has changed. People are being asked to do things they’ve not been asked to do before. To step into the role of an educator. To become tech savvy. To become phone counsellors. To be their own personal trainers.

To lead themselves in their yoga practice.

In pivoting my business from face to face to now online teaching, I’ve been thinking back to my early teaching days, 13 years ago.  Thinking back even further to the 22 years I’ve spent doing yoga. What tools did I use?  What became crucial in creating my foundation?

In answering this I keep circling back to a question I’m continually asked.

How is it that every single class is different, even after coming to Yoga Emporium for years? 

Without consciously setting out to do it, I’ve been creating the conditions for spontaneity.

What I’ve come to understand about spontaneity is that its not actually spur of the moment. There’s a whole method that comes before it and what looks like intuition and creatively sequenced classes that ooze with challenge and variety are actually a product of this method.

On account of you being there and me being here and the whole corona chasm between us, I’d like to share some of this method. I don’t mean in this post though. Unfortunately I can’t fit the whole method in 600 words. There’s too much. There are pockets of information you’ll have to commit to memory. There are underlying movement principles you’ll need to look at technically to then understand experientially.

You’ll see there is so much more going on than you thought but also so much simplicity in creating the conditions for spontaneity.

Some of the method will be contained in these weekly posts. The more in-depth information will be released on the subscription platform.

The sweet rewards at the end are creative, intuitive ways to move, breathe, think and practice. Spontaneous ways to live.

Hell. We can’t use time as an excuse as more.

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