5 hours a night usually does me just fine. To be honest, I’ve developed a bit of an indifferent attitude to sleep.

What I’m not indifferent to is what I do before sleep.

Every night. Except of course for the few weeks I did an experiment to see what my sleep was like without it. Noticeably crap.

What I do is Yoga Nidra. On account of it often being misunderstood and also sharing what is a life-saver to me, I’ve recorded two things. A super short explanation of what Yoga Nidra is and an introductory practice to give you an insight.

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P.S There’s also an hour long Yoga Nidra practice available in the premium subscription.
P.P.S I’m creating something very unique between yin yoga and Yoga Nidra for the ¬†October 2020 retreat.¬†

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