This was our view at lunch. Tucked away at the top of the mountain. Hidden away from the world.

Two weeks ago on a beautiful Sunday. Our first day retreat.

Everyone does relaxation their own way. Some people need to prepare for it, to have certain needs met before it comes.  Almost like a visitor you’re expecting to arrive at any moment. Others slip into it with only the slightest of nudges.

We had a writer stay on for a few days to take advantage of the creative flow that the retreat ignited.

There was a couple who came the day before, spent the afternoon in the day spa together. They had a romantic Saturday night which then flowed into our Sunday retreat.

Two lots of best friends who never get time to catch up. Unless you call soccer runs, kids parties and playdates “quality” time. One of them may have told her family it was a two day retreat, just to escape a little longer and a little deeper. (No judgement, we’ve all done it).

There were two sisters who did all of the above and added an enormous amount of chocolate.

There were some other smarties who told their bosses they wouldn’t be starting until lunchtime on Monday so they could stay overnight on the mountain and linger in the after retreat bliss.

Someone else got their partner to pick them up, but not before staying for dinner, just the two of them, overlooking the world before getting involved with it again.

The retreat was about rituals. Morning and evening rituals. Two things we all have. Then two words we all crave, empowerment and contentment.

We practiced. We flipped perspectives. We dug around a little. We meditated. We laughed. We laid on the grass. We ate spectacular food.

Next retreat Sunday 23 April, “Living your Layers”.

The lodge was perfect. The day spa was divine! What we did on Sunday was exactly what Sundays were designed for, to be inspirational, to be full of space, to prepare for what’s to come. I can’t wait for another Sunday. (P.L)

I’ve been on retreat with Paige before and her signature move is to give people what they need, which is sometimes not always what they want. But this one! This one was what I wanted and what I needed. The venue is beautiful. It’s quiet and peaceful. I now approach mornings and evenings very differently. (Sara)

I was nervous arriving but this was the best bunch of people. Paige is such a natural. She’s just as good at putting people at ease as she is challenging them. (A.H)