Sweat. Necessary. Gross. Scientific. Desirable. Embarrassing. Too much. Not enough.

The short answer of how it works:

When your internal body temperature begins to increase, the nervous system goes to work stimulating and releasing sweat. Sweat, essentially salty water with a few other bits and pieces, sits on the surface of the skin and begins the process of vaporisation, changing from a liquid to a gas.┬áIt’s a smart system build on the laws of physics. To convert a liquid to a gas requires heat. Sweat uses the heat from your body to transform into a gas.

You end up cooler. Your sweat ends up as a vapour.

What happens when you wipe sweat off?

You disrupt the relationship between liquid, gas and heat. The body responds by registering the heat, producing more sweat and on the cycle goes. Lesson here is don’t wipe it off. Try really hard to work around it, embrace it and let it be.


A fit person will begin sweating earlier and produce more sweat than someone not as fit. As fitness increases, the body becomes more proficient at this sweating business. The aim is to be able to sweat, indicating your body has a reliable way of keeping itself cool. This means you don’t risk things like heat stroke and exhaustion and you can keep doing whatever it is you’re doing for longer.