Meditation: 4 week foundation course

Science has confirmed how beneficial a daily meditation practice is. It makes us more resilient to stress, improves sleep and sharpens us mentally. It enhances work performance and elicits feel good hormones. For many people the question isn't whether to meditate but how.

This foundation course introduces a range of meditation techniques, all with very different methods and protocols. The goal is not for every technique to work for everyone, but that participants explore and find the best fit for them. The best fit for a committed, ongoing, daily practice.

Suitable for those new to yoga and meditation as well as more experienced yoga students who would like to develop an ongoing meditation practice.

Over the 4 weeks, you will explore:

  • Body Scan and Progressive Muscle Relaxation techniques
  • The breath as a point of focus
  • Sound/vibration (mantra) as a tool
  • Visualisation techniques
  • Compassion meditation
  • Walking meditation

The course will equip you in:

  • Creating a daily practice
  • Recognising and working through blocks and distractions with a range of tools

You will receive a meditation journal along with course notes to support your learning and ongoing practice.

Cost: $160 paid in full prior to commencement. No partial enrolments. (Note: minimum of 6 participants required to run course).

Special: 20% discount to students who have completed the course before and would like to attend again.

Next course: 23rd August to 13th September 2017. Held every Wednesday night 530 to 7pm. REGISTER HERE.

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