Exercise Physiology

Uses the power of movement to treat physical and mental conditions and injuries.

Evidence based

Everything we do has a proven purpose and we have the words and the willingness to explain it in ways that make sense to you.


Individualised programming targeted at your entire self. There's no point treating your primary condition at the expense of other things you've got going on.


We specialise in simple, minimalistic, equipment light movement interventions. This means you're not attached to a gym and nor will travel get in the way.


We have clients with complex physical and mental health conditions. We appreciate discretion and confidentiality is essential in achieving long-term health outcomes.


Reimbursement available through Medicare, private health and schemes including DVA and NDIS.

Outcome focused

We believe our sessions together shouldn't just be enjoyable, they are designed to progress you toward your wellness goals in measurable and motivational ways.

We do everything a little differently and this includes how we approach exercise physiology. To capture this difference, we've made another home.

This home is called Health Reno Institute.

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