People to space ratio

Our existing small class size meets the social distancing requirements announced on Friday 20th March 2020. Classes have a maximum of eight students.


Our existing cleaning protocol has been intensified with a few splashes of bleach added to our otherwise natural cleaning solutions. Studio floors, bathrooms, handles and lockers are cleaned following each class.


The studio will drastically cut down the props used, limiting  this to only wooden props that can be cleaned thoroughly. Should you wish to use other props, you will need to supply your own. There is a range of belts, bolsters and sandbags available to purchase.

It’s business as usual but with some significant changes. Perhaps the biggest change of all is that life is now a little more fluid, what was acceptable yesterday might not be tomorrow. Fluidity is part of the practice here so hopefully the hours you’ve clocked up on the mat hold you in good stead for the next little while.

As long as we can ensure client wellbeing and practice integrity and we are allowed to, we will keep the doors open. In the same way we are considering and re-considering this decision, on an almost daily basis, we ask you to do the same. We each have different comfort levels and needs. Reference reputable sources and remain fluid in your decision making.

What we are madly doing behind the scenes is preparing our first online platform. This will be released in the next couple of days. It means your practice won’t need to stop even in the event visiting the studio no longer feels right for you.