The movement generated by a seesaw is compelling and sustainable. This practice will guide you through a series of movements that are not only built on the principles of a seesaw but are enhanced by knowing it.

You’ll need: a bolster or something similar

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Squats and Suspensions

To be comfortable in a squatting position, for even a little while, indicates a high level of health and function in the ankles, knees, hips and low back.

This practice takes you through some variations on squats, challenging your perspective as well as your body.

The practice finishes with a deep rest, coming from a very unlikely place.

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3 Part Practice

This practice has three distinct parts. The first is how I choose to wake up every morning, a short sequence to ignite awareness while warming and preparing the low back. What follows are Sun Salutes, guided and then some time to move yourself. The final part has a Yin undercurrent; remaining with discomfort while it transforms into flexibility. Physically and mentally the three phases are polar opposites, all equally necessary, challenging and comforting in their own way.

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Happy Mornings

The first seven minutes of this audio is how I wake up every morning. No exceptions. For such a small investment of time, there are big low back rewards on offer. The final eight minutes is a unique diaphragmatic breathing practice designed around receiving rather than dictating breath. 15 minutes has the potential to prepare the body and breath for the day.

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Work to Rest

Rest is always sweeter when you've worked for it.

Savasana, what is typically the final rest pose of a class, is woven throughout the practice but not in the way you would expect. What should be our natural state, relaxation, has to our detriment become elusive. Rather than forcing it, this practice takes you there via hard work.

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Internal Heat

The gold standard in awareness.

The purpose of the practice is to generate heat, not from an external source but organically. As with everything, it always feels a little sweeter when you work for it.

The practice culminates in what has become the gold standard in self-awareness.

Perfect for the morning or when you need to wake up during the day.

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Move to Meditate


This practice is designed for the morning, taking you from lying all the way to standing, gradually and deliberately moving and warming the spine. The culmination is not more movement but the ability to sit in comfortable stillness for a short 10 minute meditation.

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Repetition Builds Rhythm


Small movements when strung together create a flow. This practice encourages you to apply your efforts on the small, simple parts and let that effort create the overall motion for you.

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Resistance as Opportunity


This practice is an opportunity to not only take advantage of restriction but appreciate how essential it is for cultivating strength, stamina and discipline.

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