Books: Books are not supplied so you are to source your own copy. Suggested places for purchasing books are Book Depository for paper and Amazon for kindle. You can also check Audiobooks if you’re short on time or prefer to listen.
 Book club is free. There is no need to register, just come along.
Venue: Yoga Emporium studio. 159 Mein St Scarborough.
When: Every 6 weeks, Monday night 630 to 8pm. (Doors remain open, no such thing as late for book club).
Refreshments: Complimentary tea is provided.
Do I have to come every time? No. The idea with publishing the upcoming titles is that if a book doesn’t grab your eye, you can skip it. We will select a wide variety of books to challenge what you usually read and create some diverse conversation.


This true story, begins with two strange requests. Author Mitch Albom is asked to write two eulogies. The strangeness is that he is asked by the very much alive individuals as they both prepare for their death. One is a Jewish Rabbi and the other a Christian Priest. Albom, on account of not knowing either all that well, sets about learning each in the weeks and months prior to their deaths. The book is a captivating conversation that moves between two worlds that at first glance are in stark contrast but upon deeper consideration are exquisite replicas of each other.