Corona has changed nothing about our vision but everything about the timeline.

Rather than feeling at the mercy of corona, we have chosen to take advantage of it. We had planned to make these changes to Yoga Emporium in another 12 months but have taken the leap and changed our timeline.

New studio being built (opening August)

Online classes here to stay

Group classes replaced with privates/semi-privates

Expanded retreat schedule

Teacher training 2021

Pre-Corona, 2021 was going to bring a host of changes. One of the reasons for this was the completion of my Masters in Exercise Physiology (EP) and needing to make space to offer the services of an EP in addition to yoga.

Another reason is the natural progression of myself and Yoga Emporium. Teaching yoga to over 100 people per week for the past seven years has shown me the patterns, the difficulties, the questions, the cravings, the wants and needs of people.

2021 was going to be the time to respond to these.

The arrival of Corona has delivered an opportunity to re-think and re-plan the future. If we as individuals, family units, businesses and entire industries are not taking advantage then it’s a missed opportunity.

Corona has changed my timeline. 2020 is now the time to respond.

One of the things I’ve observed over the past seven years is about learning, awareness and effecting change. When you read or hear something, if it’s not followed up by a period of reflection, it doesn’t tend to stick. It doesn’t create change. Anything imposed from the outside never sticks. It can start from an external source but unless it marinates within for as long as it needs to, it won’t mean a pinch.

Practicing yoga alone creates the opportunity for deep reflection. It does however require a few things. Support. A sounding board. A place to have your questions answered. A source that provides new information arranged and presented in digestible ways.  A crutch for you to swing from safety to alone and back again, reflecting, practicing and marinating as you swing.

Whilst I may not see you as often, when I do see you it will be profoundly deep in the ways it needs to be. For you. Not the people around you.