Does your approach to physical and mental health work?

Our approach may be different to anything you’ve done before. We capitalise on the power of movement. There are no physical or mental health conditions that can’t be helped by appropriate movement.


Even the ability to relax is first helped by movement.

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"I started working with Paige two months ago to help with low back pain I was sick of taking painkillers for.  The only back pain I now get is when I don't do my exercise homework for 3-4 days in a row. I have learnt how to breath and how to stand properly. I'm now learning how to strengthen and move the right part in my body rather than overloading parts that aren't designed for it."

- Kerri, Jan 2021

"I've never been interested in understanding why I have the injuries I have. When I started working with Paige I stopped her when she tried to explain why, telling her I was only interested in what I needed to do to fix it. In hindsight I can see how she dropped little bits of information that ended up completely changing how I manage my health."

- Susannah, Nov 2020

We painstakingly craft our communications.

I’m sorry it’s been so long

It's been awhile I know. Just to clear up a few questions I've been asked over the past few months. No, I haven't gone into retirement early. No, I'm not in the depths of despair.

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So much more than time is needed

Someone told us we should use our gift of corona wrapped time wisely. Actually a lot of people said it. Whilst the theory is sound, in reality it’s all BS.

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Holding on tight

Starting Monday 23rd March I’ve made one phone call a day. Each day the recipient was different, randomly selected from a list. As my list of names continues to grow, I realised I was speaking to two…

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A homage to real

Whilst I hold professionalism in the highest regard, I’m all about real. Active wear is not real daytime attire.

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