Our Studio

There are three key elements in creating a consistent, effective and healthy environment for practicing hot yoga; fresh air, humidity and heat. Yoga Emporium balances all three to create a tailored yoga experience. Using Far Infra-Red (FIR) heating, a European designed ventilation system and humidity control to create the optimum environment.

Our Classes

It’s not just hot yoga we specialise in. We offer a range of heated and unheated classes. We are fully stocked with props to enhance, support and challenge your practice.

We only teach8 students per class

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We believe in meeting people where they are.

There are so many layers to yoga. Some days it needs to be a sweaty, dynamic practice. Other days we crave stillness. Some days it's hard just to breathe deeply.

This is why we never teach to a set sequence of postures. Every class here is different, to perfectly accommodate your changing body and mind.