Yoga is the only thing I can think of that works as a springboard for everything. It will help you surf better, breathe deeper, be more grateful, embrace simplicity and be more composed. It will help you deliver a TED talk, deliver a baby and deliver bad news. It will keep you agile through arthritis and keep calm through chemo. It will chauffeur you gracefully into old age with a deep respect for your body and your mind.

We understand bodies and minds are different everyday. What worked in yesterdays’ class won’t necessarily work today. We don’t teach the same class twice because we know how boring that can get. We not only believe in giving you a great experience of yoga but in building your awareness of your own body, your injuries, your strengths and weaknesses and how to work with them.

This is why we only teach small classes. There’s only ever eight people in a class. Hallelujah there’s room between each mat. Room to move better, breathe better and think better.

I’m Paige. I started this. I have no idea how I went from selling crystals (not the Royal Dalton kind, the hippy kind) to wearing grey overalls and sailing around on a warship. I joined the Royal Australian Navy young, fresh out of high school as a communications sailor. I don’t do things in halves. I was awarded a Commanding Officers commendation after three years at sea. I represented the Navy internationally in dragon boat racing and was picked to meet Princess Anne in some fancy naming ceremony.

I left the military with a medal and a rock solid work ethic. I left to pursue my love of yoga. I taught yoga while I worked my way up to executive roles in the corporate world. Now my love of yoga pays the bills and I’m finally where I’m supposed to be.

I’ve been teaching for 11 years and am a Level 2 teacher with Yoga Australia.  I graduated as a yoga teacher in Sydney and taught private lessons, in niche yoga studios, in gyms with 40 plus students, to corporate clients and at a dance school.

I have a degree in journalism and am currently completing a second degree in exercise and sport science. I have an Advanced Dip. Yoga Teaching and a Cert IV Training and Assessment.