Kids embody potential. The potential for where they can end up and what they can become. This six week course will explore the potential of movement, breath work and meditation with your child. The concepts, techniques and postures are delivered simply and practically.

  • Build awareness of having two landscapes, an inner self and an outer body
  • Breathing for both the inner self (mental and emotional regulation) and outer body (coordination, balance, strength and flexibility)
  • Body awareness and how we relate to time and space
  • How our bodies can communicate, to ourselves and others
  • The process of cause and effect
  • Becoming an observer: introducing meditation

This course has been developed with children aged 5 to 10 years in mind. If you have a child outside of this age bracket, please get in touch as it’s difficult and disrespectful to categorise our kids.

The course will be held on a Thursday afternoon from 4 to 5pm for six consecutive weeks. Classes are held at the Yoga Emporium studio with a maximum of 10 children per class.

These classes are designed for kids only, no parents. Kids think, behave and socialise differently so we design the class specifically around how they operate. Your child will come home with a handout following each class so you can see what we’ve been up and how you might support and encourage their practice at home.

2017 Term 1: 9th February to 16th March

2017 Term 2: 4th May to 8th June

2017 Term 3: 27th July to 31st August

2017 Term 4: 12th October to 16th November

The total for the six week term is $72 ($12 per class). The total must be paid in full prior to the term commencement in order to secure a spot.

All mats and props are provided. No special clothing is required, classes are run barefoot.

Children will receive a printed handout following each session with some ideas and suggestions to practice during the week. This will be based upon what was explored during the session and also give parents/caregivers guidance in supporting and encouraging children at home.

Courses will become available to book on the 2nd January 2017.