Elevate: Understanding Inversions

To see life from another perspective. Powerful.

Elevate: Understanding Inversions

Inversions like handstand and headstand are the most powerful of the asanas. Confront your fear by understanding how to transition into these postures safely while learning variations and modifications.

Inversions benefit the physical body by decompressing the spine, massaging the thyroid and stimulating the circulatory and lymph systems which boost immunity. Mentally, inversions change your perspective and stimulate intuition and clarity. Conquering fears of being upside down gives you confidence and respect for what your body, mind and breath can do.

Understand and experience the power of inversions. During this two hour workshop you will explore:

  • The anatomy of inversions
  • The yogic philosophy on inversions
  • Using props
  • Headstand, handstand and elbowstand

This workshop will equip you with:

  • Preparation postures to build a strong foundation for inversions
  • Options for weaving inversions into your current practice

The workshop is suitable for those who have some experience with yoga and would like to start including inversions as part of their practice.

Participants will receive handouts on course content.

Cost: $60 paid in full at the time of booking. (Note: minimum of 6 participants required to run workshop).

When: Dates for 2017 will be released shortly.

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