I’ve gone minimal

I used to write complete plans for every yoga class I taught. I’ll never throw these plans out. The tattered red book reminds me of how far I’ve come. After trekking Milford Sound with only a few necessary items on my back, I realised my teaching style is becoming very minimalistic. You don’t need one hundred ways to meditate. You just need one way that works.

The walk. All 60kms of it.

After a big 2017, there was something tantalising about the thought of doing nothing. Nothing but walking. For four days. Walking with everything I needed on my back. From the moment I booked the plane tickets and the walk pass, I had one word circulating around my head. Simplicity. I committed to not overthinking this trip. No analysing, no research, no planning, no YouTube. No checking weather.

Dumb? Maybe. Exhilarating? Yes.

2017…the glue that held you together

1. Reading. 2017 was the year of reading some crazy sh*t. I vowed to go diverse or go home. Up until I made this declaration…

I have to get my funeral dress out again

Here are my insights on suicide. Nothing.

We have to talk about it…sweat

Sweat. Necessary. Gross. Scientific. Desirable. Embarrassing. Too much. Not enough. The short answer of how it works…

My third child

We’re the same age. Why haven’t you got this stuff figured out. Hell, why haven’t you got at least some stuff figured out. It’s not that you’re completely hopeless, some days you are, but you’re starting to need more than I can give.

When what you want is so damn different to what you need

I’ve been having an ethical dilemma. A teaching dilemma of sorts. Dilemma 1. Which comes first, yoga teacher or business owner? Dilemma 2. Should I teach people what they want or what they need? Dilemma 3. How do I know what they need?  That’s a tad arrogant isn’t it? Let’s start with dilemma 2. My most useful teaching tool is a

The answer depends on who you ask

What’s a forward bend? Depends on who you ask. You could ask your spine, your hamstrings or your insomnia. You’ll get a different answer from them all. The danger in only seeking one perspective is losing more than half the story. You actually lose most of the story. So who the f*ck do we ask? The refugee crisis might help.

5 to 6 kilos

Last semester I had to look at some studies for uni and provide discussion on different methods for losing weight. There was one method in particular that caught my eye.

This was me. 10 years ago.

The Dalai Lama came to Sydney for a visit. His 7th tour of Australia. It was also the day I left the military.

Friday 5th May. My scheduled day of anxiety.

It happens every three months. Super high anxiety levels for just one day. It didn’t used to last for one day; it used to last for a few. I used to work madly on that day of anxiety, sucking every minute out of the day, foregoing eating, my own practice, hell even basic hygiene became a luxury. I questioned my sanity while I ordered takeaway for dinner. It’s taken a journalism degree plus half a science degree to work out what to do…

Intention…you get me at every turn

A few years ago I had a run-in with a group of hippies. Actually it was the great stouch of intentions. I took eight weeks off following a long stint at sea. I lasted a few days before the conversation got real. Really real.

What the hell is a flexible habitat?

I found out this fun fact when I worked for the fire service. It was years ago, while I was working up the courage to open my own studio. I answered 000 calls. Soul destroying.

Yin yoga. It’s supposed to be different

Yin yoga is designed to be different. It’s quite scientific and very anatomical. In some ways it’s easier but in many ways it’s harder.

Unique, untameable beasts

Wild creatures. Who can’t be understood but strive desperately to be. Scientists side-step them. Labs go on lunch break when they turn up. Mice. Female mice. They aren’t used in rodent studies. It’s all about

My truth bombs. Learnt the hard way.

Learnt the very hard way. One consolation is that they seem to be fairly well ingrained. Took long enough though.

I’ll take my relaxation with a side of

Everyone does relaxation their own way. Some people need to prepare for it, to have certain needs met before it comes. Almost like a visitor you’re expecting to arrive at any moment. Others slip into it with only the slightest of nudges.

Two things I’ve learnt from drug addicts

Addiction. I’ve been mentored by people who’ve worked with addicts. I’ve worked with addicts directly. I find addiction to be the most fascinating topic. It’s taught me two important things. About rehab. For rehab to be successful and sustainable, to be their forever story, two things need to happen.

How you can dramatically change your yoga practice

If your practice has started to feel familiar and heaven forbid comfortable and mindless, it’s time to advance.

The story of the swearing class

Yoga and swearing don’t seem to go together. Certainly not like peas and carrots. But there’s a weirdly wonderful marriage between the two that not only works but is necessary. This class is designed around comfort or rather a complete lack of.

Marriage…what’s up with you?

I’ve just come out of a year being surrounded by divorce. So I thought I might spend some time looking at marriage, or rather divorce through the eyes of yoga.

A conversation with triangle pose

When you fully experience what Trikonasana has to offer you’ll sit happily in the middle…

When wellness becomes a long lost friend

The most important part in the definition of wellness is a tiny little hyphen. It creates a separation between…

What yoga has to say about injuries

Our recent Tea and Talk Satsang unpacked the topic of injuries, added a few cups of tea and refreshing conversation. We ended up with these thoughts on the relationship between yoga and injuries.

The hot yoga story. Written by Any Man

I’m severely outnumbered but find comfort that this will be the best thing. In finding my future wife. The odds are stacked in my favour guys to girls. I hear the teacher talk about the advantages that males have over females in yoga. Funny but it doesn’t appear that way.

What I don’t miss about big studios

Strange smells and sales pitches…I’ll never miss you. Not ever. This is why I’m so grateful for the joys a small studio brings…

I did an experiment…no yoga

I recently realised the effects of doing almost 30 hours of yoga a week. Something dawned on me that I may have forgotten. With my crazy teaching schedule (that I wouldn’t change for the world) plus personal practice, my expectations of what people can do sometimes exceeds their reality. My solution, albeit a little extreme, was to cut back on my mat time during a recent month long holiday

The dirty word in yoga

Unless you’re 80, pregnant or recovering from surgery nobody wants to do gentle yoga. Gentle is like lukewarm tea…why bother. People often start with a so called gentle class with the intention of progressing enough to then do proper yoga.

Theory of 3

I was recently interviewed for a magazine article on my job as a yoga teacher. I was asked to focus on the occupation of teaching yoga rather than what yoga is or is not. And so my theory of 3 emerged.